True lovers of weddings and experienced in all aspects of events. We came together to create Weddings by Evanescents. There is a huge gap in the market when it comes to planning and executing a wedding. That’s where we take over. Its your wedding, your vision, your day to shine, we just make it all come together flawlessly.

All brides dream of their big day and how it looks and plays out in their head. What we realized for most is that it doesn’t quite pan out like that. The stress, the tasks, the costs, and the timelines, the input from everyone you talk to all takes over and you don’t truly get to enjoy your day.

Weddings by Evanescents provides you with the utmost experience and customer service to make your wedding day the day you have always dreamed of. With each couple, we create a tailored package to fit your needs, your ideas, and your budget.

We seamlessly handle the little worries, the last-minute tasks, and the final touches. We pay close attention to detail and strive to build a relationship with our couples that leaves them nothing shy of completely confident in leaving their most important day in our hands. “We are the wedding criers and we love, LOVE“.


Nikki Cook has had over 15 years experience in marketing, event coordination and management as well as event planning. She initially started at Molson Coors Canada doing everything from Marketing and Merchandising to planning and coordinating events of all scales. Preceding that, Nikki ran a season with Grey Cup Festival, hosting private weekly events and assisting in putting together the final grey cup festival party. To date, she has coordinated weddings, large events, and fashion shows. In addition to Nikki’s event planning experience, she currently owns and operates a Laser and Skin Care Studio. Nikki is also a certified makeup artist and educator for Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup. She has done makeup for hundreds of weddings and events. Weddings by Evanescents combines her true two passions of Wedding Event Coordinating and Makeup Artistry.


Sharlene Cunningham has been in the wedding business for the last 10 years since a close friend asked her to be her wedding coordinator for her special day knowing how organized and on top of things she is. After the reception area was destroyed from a massive rain and thunderstorm, Sharlene had to put those skills to the biggest test while she coordinated, decorated and organized a new reception area on site. When Sharlene’s friend walked in she was in awe of what was set up, so relieved that their wedding was not ruined. After this, Sharlene knew she could deal with anything thrown her way and had the want to dive into the wedding business. She knew with likeminded individuals she could manage and execute everything needed for the perfect wedding day which lead to teaming up with Nikki to formally create Weddings by Evanescents. Sharlene got married herself in November of 2012 so she is very familiar with the journey all brides go on. She thinks that weddings are a very special day, meant to be enjoyed by the Bride and Groom. That is where Weddings by Evanescents comes in. Sharlene knows that she and Nikki can deal with anything thrown at them and that if she was able to survive a storm 10 years ago, her and Nikki can survive as a team. Sharlene is a very organized, efficient, enthusiastic and passionate individual. She and Nikki at Weddings by Evanescents exist to make a Bride and Grooms day extra special by taking care of ALL of the details, potential problems (which there always is!) without the Bride and Groom even knowing.


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